I will be forever grateful to Kelly for the classes which made my book possible. She helped me to discover how valuable it can be to wander, to get lost, to take yourself by surprise."
Tom Fields-Meyer, Author of Following Ezra, (National Jewish Book Award Finalist)

Two new CDs. Four standing gigs a week. More radio airplay. A tour in UK and Scotland. As a result of classes and personal coaching with Kelly, my creative direction has evolved beyond wishing for it. I’m a far more disciplined and successful artist now. Life is very different now.”
Louis Durra, Musician, Composer

You couldn't find a more inspiring or sure-footed guide than Kelly Morgan."
Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist's Way
Kelly Morgan is an inspiring teacher and coach. What I learned from her stayed in my heart and had a profound effect on my life. She coached me through an acrimonious divorce (my ex is famous for being one of the most vicious civil litigators in the county). This helped me shift the energy between me and my ex and now we are the best of friends. Our daughter is positively thriving. I thoroughly recommend Kelly's programs to everyone."
Serena Scott Thomas, Actress, Model, Certified Instructor of Chi Running

I can't imagine a writing or creativity workshop having as great an impact on me with anyone else as a teacher. I've met really interesting people and had so much fun.”
Jill Ganger, Writer and Personal Trainer

I never considered myself an artist but was drawn to the workshops. Because of them, I ended up getting a promotion at work, but what's more important is that I really enjoyed myself. You can read and read and read, but to actually have someone like Kelly who is modeling the behavior you are trying to achieve is amazing. She gives so much of herself and it really shows."
Angela Anable, Training Director
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