If you never express yourself creatively — the world won’t end. If you don’t paint, write a book, sell screenplays, perform, produce films, start a business selling spaghetti sauce, or find work that makes you sing, you will be fine. But if you want to create something new, Kelly helps you:
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A burned out Grammy award winning singer returned to the stage.

A frustrated actress landed a new agent then a television role the next week.

A journalist found his own voice and won an award for a memoir about his autistic son.

A graphic designer learned how to charge more for her services and doubled her business.

A talent agent who’d never written before published a story that became a best-seller in Europe.

A marketing expert developed a brand new water product and sold it to major retailers.

A corporate recruiter who’d been baking pies for friends opened a cooking school.

A student won an award for her one act play. Another student landed a part in it.

A lawyer began creating mandalas and opened up a store on Etsy.

A musician put out several jazz albums and toured Europe.

And the list goes on and on and on and on . . . and on.

* Tap into your natural born talents and creativity to discover what’s missing and decide what to do next.

* Take inspired action to create and express an authentic, meaningful vision.

* Discover the real reason you get stuck (it may not be what you think).

* Free yourself from emotional tyranny and old, limiting stories.

* Break through hidden resistance, perfectionism, doubts and fears.

* Dramatically increase confidence and productivity.

* Partner intuition and logical systems to start and complete projects.

* Be part of a community that is creating joy fulfillment through creativity.
Kelly is an “expressive creativity coach” who helps you stop thinking and talking and reading books about self-improvement — and actually take action to clarify and create your dreams.

She understands what it’s like to be a busy professional who feels like something is missing. After years of selling millions of dollars of other artist’s services to Fortune 500 companies, Kelly realized she wanted something more. But what? She didn’t know.

It took years of struggling in jobs she hated, before she finally discovered writing and later, dancing. Thankfully, creative expression led her back to her real self. It changed her life, including her career. Now her daily work is aligned with her deepest truth — making it easier to be happy and thrive.

Twenty years later, Kelly has guided thousands of busy professionals (aspiring and experienced artists as well as others in all walks of life) on their path.

She inspires you to show up to your truth and align with your passion, purpose and authentic work. What next for you? She’d love to hear from you.

What about you? Do you feel like something is missing?

If you’ve been successful, do you get depressed and wonder “is that all there Is?

Do you want to write, paint, act, build a business, express your talents — but aren’t.

Move beyond thinking, talking and reading about it. Kelly help you clarify and create them.
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