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Finding your true creative self and writing voice can be easier with a guide to help.

For 20 years, I’ve led a creative community where thousands have followed their impulses and expressed their truth to transform their art — and their lives.

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. . . a burned out Grammy award winning singer returned to the stage.

. . . a frustrated actress landed a new agent and a television role.

. . . a journalist found his voice, published a memoir that won him awards.

. . . a graphic designer charged more and doubled her business.

. . . a talent agent who’d never written before published a book in Europe.

. . . a marketing expert developed a product and sold it to major retailers.

. . . a corporate recruiter opened a cooking school.

. . . an accountant won an award for her one act play and cast another student in it.

. . . a lawyer created mandalas, opened up an online store.

. . . a musician produced new jazz albums and booked a tour in Europe.

. . . a saleswoman finally let herself sing just for fun.

. . . a corporate trainer found her creativity and got a promotion at work.

. . . and thousands of other stories from people who leaned on the power of the pen
to create the next chapter of their book or their life.

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“You couldn’t find a more gifted, sure-footed or inspiring guide than Kelly Morgan.”

Julia Cameron,
Author of The Artist’s Way.