Use your art, performance, dance, writing and other creative talents to clarify dreams and produce a meaningful next chapter for their life (or their book.) I’ll show you how.

I’ve guided thousands (like the people in these snapshots) on their journeys.

Wake Up and Create Something New.

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A burned out Grammy award winning singer returned to the stage.

A frustrated actress landed a new agent then a television role the next week.

A journalist found his own voice and won an award for a memoir about his autistic son.

A graphic designer learned how to charge more for her services and doubled her business.

A talent agent who’d never written before published a story that became a best-seller in Europe.

A marketing expert developed a brand new water product and sold it to major retailers.

A corporate recruiter who’d been baking pies for friends opened a cooking school.

A student won an award for her one act play. Another student landed a part in it.

A lawyer began creating mandalas and opened up a store on Etsy.

A musician put out several jazz albums and toured Europe.

And the list goes on and on and on and on . . . and on.

Ready to start? Two ways to work with Kelly.

Sure, if you never paint murals, write books, sell a screenplay, pursue acting, sing for your supper, produce a film or start a business selling spaghetti sauce — the world won’t end.

If you don’t follow your creative impulses the world won’t even know what it missed. If you don’t invest time and money on your creative ideas, talents or products, you’ll be fine.

I just hate the idea of anyone waking up in 5 or 50 years; wishing they’d stopped squandering all of their vital creative energies on clients, family squabbles, television or being good.

I’d rather you follow you creative impulses now. This is your chance to make a difference; to leave something behind for those who come after us.

When you follow your dreams, you are happier. Then the world is happier.

Maybe it’s time to roll up your sleeves. If you write a page a day, in 365 days you’ll have a memoir. Paint every day and soon you’ll have a room full of canvases.Talk to enough people about your film and someone will produce it. Dance. Cook. Perform. Garden. A day at a time, let’s create your dream.

And if you want to create — but aren’t —

Break through excuses, perfectionism, jealousy, fears or other blocks that might be causing procrastination or resistance.

I’m here to help you clarify, focus and produce your dream now.

Kelly’s Coaching and Structured Programs Have Helped Thousands Create Meaningful Results.