“Leonard Nimoy was interviewed on NPR and said the best advice he received about photography was, “Photograph what
scares you!” A lot of the things I’ve written about in Kelly’s writing class have scared me but I feel so safe in the environment she creates that I’ve never hesitated to experience the fear until much later.”
~Maria Tover, Medical Assistant

“Kelly is the BEST! I got lots out of this class. I like knowing the stories I tell myself. What a great thing! Now I pay attention, monitor & control my reactions.”
~ Stacey Littlejohn, Television Writer

What makes it easier to change? Willpower and self-discipline? Or finding a supportive group? The answer may surprise you.
Do you want to be more change something in your life? Get a better job? Reach a goal? Create or promote your art? Most people think they just need to try harder. They believe it’s a matter of having more will power or self-discipline. Most of us know from experience however that those strategies often don't work.                            
What does work? New research shows that relationships make it easier to make positive changes, especially after you’ve tried and failed at something. Not just any relationship will do. It has to be an emotional relationship with other individuals or a  group that shows us “the way”. Emotional relationships inspire hope and belief in yourself. They make you say, "If she can do it, I can, too." *

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Resource: Article in Oprah's Newsletter about *lan Deutschman, Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life.
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