“Leonard Nimoy was interviewed on NPR and said the best advice he received about photography was, “Photograph what
scares you!” A lot of the things I’ve written about in Kelly’s writing class have scared me but I feel so safe in the environment she creates that I’ve never hesitated to experience the fear until much later.”
~Maria Tover, Medical Assistant

“Kelly is the BEST! I got lots out of this class. I like knowing the stories I tell myself. What a great thing! Now I pay attention, monitor & control my reactions.”
~ Stacey Littlejohn, Television Writer

Anna Guigui’s Search For Soulmate Flowered During During AW into One Woman Show.
Ana has done the Artist’s Way five times. When she moved to Los Angeles and took the workshop with Kelly Morgan, she was singing at the piano lounge at the Doubletree Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard and ending a difficult relationship. All the spiritual work she did, she decided to start going out with men who might want to get married. She made a “GodBox” to hold this desire. Combine her adventures in dating with a co-dependent, over the top, Argentinean, Jewish family that infiltrates every aspect of her life and you get this wonderful one act autobiographical musical dramedy.
After Anna took the Artist's Way Workshop with Kelly  played keyboards and sang on tour with Christopher Cross for eight years, AMERICA, Stephen Bishop, Juan Gabriel, Ben Folds, etc. It was on tour that she made the decision to find a soulmate; and began to turn her experiences into art. I went and saw her one woman show this month and it is well worth seeing. Funny. And it inspired to continue writing my own memoirs.

Godbox was directed by Richard Kline

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