“For those who will use it (the book) is a valuable tool to get in touch with their own creativity.”

Martin Scorsese
Film Director, Producer, Writer.
What People
Are Saying

“Kelly is a gifted teacher. You couldn’t find a more sure-footed or inspiring guide.”

Julia Cameron 
The Artist’s Way.  

“This outstanding workshop challenged my limits and fears. My creative self had been in hibernation for too many years. Kelly is a brilliant facilitator who made and kept a safe environment. She takes risks & models what it’s like to share parts of ourselves that normally stay hidden. She’s inspiring. A visionary.”

Chris Sedaris, Writer & Small Business Consultant

"I know the book (The Artist's Way) is set up so the reader will do it on their own but creative blockage being what it is, that often fails. Being in a group was the best way to do it."

Eleanor Whitledge

“I started working through the Artist’s Way book and stopped at the 4th chapter. I knew I could more fully benefit by being in a group... and truly being in the group worked better. So many new ideas.”

Judy Brigham,
Real Estate Professional

“Without the firm footing this class provided, I’m not sure I could have made such meaningful changes.”
Amy Dewhurst

"I really appreciated the respect Kelly gave everyone in the class. She was both supportive and encouraging."
Mary Saxon, Film Production

"I was a workaholic. This Artist's Way helped me get in touch with my real self. I can let go. I don't have to control everything."
~ Susan Malorano, General Manager of Manufacturing

"What worked best for me in the Artist's Way workshop was I felt as if I'd been given permission not to be perfect."
Scott Thomson,
Graphic Designer

Hundreds in L.A. have raved
“it really works!“ I’ve seen the letters and spoken with many of them.”
Maggie Gauiter

Blog: Recent Success Stories

Glenn Gordon, Emmy Award Winning Composer felt burned out. The AW helped him to reignite his original passion for his work.
Robert Rosen, a science fiction writer overcame a six year writers block because he was working with the morning pages.
Corporate trainer, Angela Anable didn’t think she was creative but used the principles of this program to approach her job and co-workers in a more inspired way. This resulted in a promotion and a raise at a company that was always saying they couldn’t afford anything new.
Anna Guigui, actress, singer, created one woman show about search for a soulmate
Chris Snyder, Hollywood agent and author published book, Hunting With Barracudas that he began writing while in The Artist’s Way many years ago.
Serena Scott Thomas, an actress who discovered a passion for real estate broker during her Artist's Way process is now on a mission to burn fat, not gas.
Humorist Mike Karaba used to be embarrassed to promote his comedy shows and through his work at CreativeLife came to understand that he is offering a service. His new perspective inspired him to promote himself in new and more effective ways.

* Who benefits most from the Artist’s Way? Established or aspiring artists, Non-artists? People in Transition?
* Want to be more productive? What works better than willpower and self-discipline?    
* What is a creative buddy? Why are they important?     
* What do most people who take the Artist’s Way have in common?                                              

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All over the world, hundreds of thousands of artists and other creative people in all professions have said this valuable book got them in touch with their own natural creativity.

In Los Angeles, over two thousand have made the process easier and more effective by working with Kelly Morgan, a master at facilitating supportive creative groups. For over 16 years, people from all walks of life have recovered their creativity from resistance, criticism, jealousy, fears, perfectionism, stress and other limiting factors in her workshops. They began channeling their own unique expression and tapping into the higher creative energies of the Universe.

With this program, people in all walks of life start new businesses; change jobs or receive promotions. They start painting or playing the piano for the first time since they were a child. They start speaking up for themselves and telling the truth.

Aspiring and professional artists recapture their enthusiasm, get in touch with their vision and expand. Those who are burned out remember why they became artists in the first place. Aspiring artists establish themselves in their profession. They recover their enthusiasm and get in touch with their vision. They publish that book, land better acting jobs, have their screenplays produced, set up new gallery showings, publish their articles, poems, music, books and more.

Working with the Artist's Way creative process, you too canl move beyond the limiting chatter that takes up too much space in your head. You can clear the creative channel and allow your unique expession and natural creativity to flow free.


1) These classes are not theoretical. They are experiential. From the very first night Kelly will share new and easy-to-use tools to begin expressing yourself more authentically and artistically.

2) When you do this kind of process on your own, it can be effective (if you stick with your commitment). Still, no matter how diligent, you are always limited by what you cannot see about yourself. In Kelly's workshops, you practice new ways of seeing yourself. For example, you see how others mirror back behaviors that limit or expand your creativity. This new awareness opens up new choices (including stopping those behaviors that don't serve you anymore.)

3) It is easier to keep a commitment to recovering your natural creativity when you have a structure to support you in showing up even when the journey becomes challenging (and transformation is always challenging). In Kelly's workshop, you are more likely to successfully finish this process.

4) In this workshop, you practice using practical tools, in-class activities and exercises that aren't in the book. These in-class practices exponentially increase the effectiveness of the creative process.

To find out how you might personally benefit,
call Kelly at (310) 839-3424 today. Or register on-line

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Based on Julia Cameron’s Bestselling Book.

The Artist’s Way Workshop with Kelly Morgan