Proven Online Tools Include Your Daily Progress Grid
Creative Community Cheers You On During Ups and Downs of Writing Process.
Kelly’ Live Group Coaching and Comments On Your Daily Progress Grid Help You Stay Focused.
Personalized coaching to develop a broad plan of action for your writing that will help you stay motivated and inspired.
A Beginning of The Session “Check-In” where you can meet new writers in the program and reconnect with old friends. This live, interactive session on Zoom will help you feel comfortable and connected so you are more likely to write consistently.  
How-It-Works Class on how to use the progress tracking system and forums, and get your schedule for all of the writing sprints we’ll hold during your first four-week session.
On the Daily Progress Page, you’ll be able to dive right in, share your writing goals and projects you’re working on, set deadlines and write consistently.
Access our community wide discussion forum, and connect with other writers in the program. A great place to talk shop and lend a helping hand to each other.
Second community-wide Coaching Call on day 15 of the session (with writers from ALL our small groups) where you can meet even more writers, learn new writing tips, and get additional support from your writing coaches. (Every call is recorded, so if you can’t make one of them, you’ll always be able to download them at your convenience.)

Each session at the THE INSPIRED WRITER STUDIO runs four weeks – plenty of time for you to get your writing momentum going – and when you’re done with one session, you’ll roll right into the next session! So you’ll never miss a day of support, encouragement, and community as you get your writing projects done!

When you join the Daily Inspired Writer Studio you’re supported by a writing coach and a creative community of up to 12 people.


The Daily Inspired Writer Studio