Do you want to write regularly? Are there stories you’re eager to tell?
Have fun writing as you dramatically increase confidence and productivity.

Every week, in Kelly Morgan’s More Fun Writing More Masterclass, generate lively first drafts. Scenes. Stories. Ideas. Playful improvisation exercises, reflective feedback and inspirational story prompts — this summer they’ll be based on romantic comedies like Pride and Prejudice and Annie Hall — trigger memories and open fresh perspectives. With this Masterclass, it’s easier to show up and produce new fiction or non-fiction writing.

Who should take this class?

Aspiring and experienced writers who want to have fun writing more this summer.

Other people in all walks of life who want to get their creative juices flowing.

People who’ve had experiences that will change lives (your own and other people’s).

Anyone who wants to discover who they are and become who they want to be.