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I love collaborating with other creative people in all walks of life (aspiring and experienced writers + non-writers) to:

* Make writing and storytelling pleasurable and genuinely satisfying — by accessing the state of concentration and higher creativity known as

* Discover who you are through writing and telling stories about your own life.

* Become who you want to be by creating a new story for your future, then living it as if it has already happened.
By the time I reached my thirties, I was a “party girl” on the outside, but inside, there was a “black hole.

I couldn’t fill the hole with food, booze, cigarettes, sex and drugs. Anxiety and fear stalked me.

I remember at one party, it was as if I was out-of-my body, hovering above, watching a film about a stranger.

Boyfriends left. Friends disappeared. I lost jobs. I went broke. My emotions rode a roller coaster and yet, I couldn’t change. I was addicted.

Thank god, one morning, sick and hungover, I asked for help. People who’d quit drinking told me stories about how they’d done it.

Their stories helped me see that I could be sober. Miraculously, I haven’t drank since.
To cope with the feelings and challenges of sobriety, I began journaling, and after awhile the childhood dream of being a writer returned.

I signed up for a class at a nearby college. I loved everything I wrote — but one day, the professor picked up my notebook, “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you write,” she said in front of the class.

Only later, after years of writing did I understand what she might have been trying to say — stop trying to be somebody you’re not.

In my search to discover the “real” me, I met Julia Cameron. She was writing a book, The Artist’s Way.

Julia helped me understand children know who they are. To recover that pure energy, we must open the channel to our higher creativity.

What a wonderful spiritual process that was. I became a spoken word artist, performing in coffee houses, art colleges, galleries, parks, a gymnasium.

Literary publications published me. I wrote several books including A Visit Home, A World Without Seat Belts and Step Out Of The Shade, Naked.