Do you remember that voice?

It’s the voice that’s always been there, whispering to you, telling you it’s secrets.

Probably when you were a child you didn’t have any problem hearing that voice. It was right there.

You used your imagination and you told stories filled with fierce joy and wonder. You didn’t have to struggle to bring stories to life, they just flowed out of you naturally.

You were able to connect with that magical part of yourself, call it “intuition” or “inspiration.”

Songwriter Bob Dylan called it his “writing ghost.

No matter what you it, that part of you was there.
So what happened to that inner voice? Well, it was shouted down, shouted down by teachers, and parents and eventually, by yourself.

There were those that told you “this writing is bad” or “there’s only one right way to tell a story” and you believed them.

Slowly that inner voice became harder and harder to hear.

Your self-doubts and restrictions shouted it down until it seems as if that inspiration had disappeared.
Where does inspiration go? The control center of th brain handcuffs it with:

* Self-doubt
* Fear
* Your own “personal demons”

No two people wear the same handcuffs, but they all inflict the same fatal flaw on everyone.


Right now you might be confused, you might be
thinking “wait, isn’t it good to strive for perfection?”

It can be, but when you are in the first stages of creation, perfectionism can paralyze you.