IMAGINE . . . 

 You are full of fire, ideas flowing, eager to spend more time with your writing.

Good or bad mood, you feel hmmm, hmmm good as your imagination sparks new ideas.

You express your unique voice and lose your fear of what others will think.

You are spin, spin, spinning your first drafts into story gold.

Oh, wow! Your intuition is tuned in, your writing is turned on. Hot cha cha!

Illustration you are writers of story

The smell of ink,
the sound of your pen writing,

you forget time
you’re wrapped up in the words and scenes rising to the surface of your pages.

Writing feels hmmm, hmmm good,


Three Biggest Struggles that Cause Wannabe & Seasoned Writers to Wrestle With Their Writing.

A Lack of Confidence

Editing While Writing Your First Draft

Taking Care of Other People’s Needs & Not Your Own

Plus a Solution to Make Writing Easier, More Fun.


Confidence, Productivity and Writing are Symptoms of Write-Fright.


(Write-fright is fear of the page (as an actor has fear of the stage.)

Do You:

. . . talk, read, watch videos about writing but don’t write.

. . . wonder if your writing is good enough, who am I to be a writer?

. . . wonder would anyone care about what I have to say? 

. . . avoid reading your work outloud to strangers? You prefer anonymity.  

. . . worry audiences/readers (other than your mother) will find your work boring?

. . .  write what you’re supposed to write instead of what you really want to write?

. . . hate to write about yourself because you’re worried what people will think of you?

. . .  get anxious about publishing, money, or fame instead of being a more engaging writer?

find writing painful, too emotional, not a fun way to spend your free time?

illustration hand print

Your Deep Voice, Like Your Fingerprints — is Unique. If you don’t express your true self, it’s lost for all time.

Dorothy Parker, Cheryl Strayed, Anne Sexton, & Other Writers Overcome Write-Fright In Groups of Their Peers.



Generate fresh writing every week: the basis for new scenes, stories, essays, poems.

Channel your voice onto the page without constantly second-guessing yourself.

Stand out from the crowds of writers now publishing because your voice is unique

Stop struggling to write, take on new challenges and grow your skills.

Enjoy your writing journey on the yellow brick road to more satisfying results.

Increase reader/audience engagement with more effective storytelling.

Hear others say things like “your story speaks to me” and “thank you for sharing.”


journal typewriter

In an Improvisational Writing Workshop, Write To:

  • Discover the #1 thing you need to know for writing magic to happen.
  • Breakthrough self-sabotage caused by write-fright.
  • Devote time to yourself, and write regardless of what you fear others may think.
  • Use the inner Critic as a compass – even if you suspect it of trying to kill you.
  • Create livelier, more engaging drafts now and forever by tapping into higher creativity.
  • Increase your confidence, productivity and self-care with 3 crucial boundaries.
  • Improve your storytelling with a quick, easy 3-step formula.
  • Work well with others to create a better body of work.
  • Have fun! (OPTIONAL)


You do NOT have to be funny. You do NOT have to perform. Be You.

The Improvisational Writing Groups encourage collaboration, playfulness, imagination, freedom of expression, getting out of your comfort zone.


Beware of falling in love with your writing — again, or for the first time.

Ohhh, la, la. 

Hi, I’m Kelly, a journalist, poet, award winning spoken word performer, personal writing & creativity coach with lots of wisdom, kindness & life experience for you to draw on. 

Since 1996, in Hollywood and now online. I’ve facilitated thousands of writers and seekers in all walks of life in recovering their creativity, finding their voice and writing their stories.  

If you are willing to show up, write and share, with my side-coaching you’ll realize your potential as a writer and storyteller. You will change your life. 

All you have to do is say yes, and . . . let’s talk.


students dawn and ruth

Writing Workshops

  Collaborate to Unleash Creativity, Find Your Voice, and Spin Your Writing into Story Gold. 

Students Ann
students Lorna Mary Debra

The Science Behind Improvisation: How it Makes You Feel Happier to Write. 


I will be forever grateful to Kelly for the classes which made my book possible. She helped me to wander, to get lost, to take myself by surprise.

Tom Fields-Meyer

Author and National Jewish Book Award Finalist

Kelly's Improvisational Writing Workshop is different. It sparks a creative mindset and focuses my writing. It gets me to the heart and truth. Lately, I'm using our writing time together to create scenes for my memoir project.

Pam Suchman

Journalist, Television Writer

Kelly turns writing into an adventure. She's helping me shape my experiences while writing the Route 66 books into a great memoir. We also wrote stories into a speech I gave at the Gene Autry museum. It got a standing ovation.

Russ Olsen

Author and Speaker

Kelly started me on my writing journey. She is direct and soft at the same time. This allows me to go to the feeling words, to go deep inside myself. This played a role in transforming intimate relationships.

Lorna Murray Doonum

Mother and Poet

Improvisational Writing Workshops 

  Learn how to take your writing to that 

Enchanted Place Where You & Your Writing Feel as if You Can Do No Wrong


Produce New Writing, Insights, Stories & Good Feelings Every Week.

Stop Fight, Flight, Freeze & Faking It

Disengage from Inner & Outer Critics   

Illustration Inspired

Fall in Love with Writing Again — Or for the First Time

Workshops to Recover & Discover the Playful Creative Kid Inside |Generate New Writing 

illustration of pens colorful

Rekindle Your Love of Writing Again & Again & Again

Shape & Polish What You’ve Written with Your Inner Editor (Not Your Critic)

Improvisational Writing Workshops Balance Your Brain. 

Trigger the Artist’s Brain, your muse. It’s intuitive. Creative. A free thinker. Emotional. It’s in love with the process. It helps you & your readers tap into their emotions. Good for experimenting, trying out new story ideas and 

Set your Logic Brain when  rationality, clarity, structure, editing skills and the ability to be objective is needed for editing, shaping and submitting your work

Bypass the Lizard Brain, which you may know as your inner critic.  Become aware of your autopilot for fear: fight, flight, freeze and fawn mechanisms that you keep you safe.  

The Improvisational Writing Creative Process bypasses your Lizard Brain to get you in the Zone. There your Logic Brain and Artist’s Brain align, flooding your body with neurochemicals like Dopamine (Happy Hormones) and Oxytocin (Love Hormones). You’ll fall in love with writing and of course want to write more.  

Writing can be scary, but Improvisational writing & creativity workshops increase your sense of well-being. Spending time writing & creating with others in an ongoing group makes a huge difference in whether or not you fall in love with writing — which of course, makes it easier to reach your potential.

Amy Poehler

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect you to an inspiring creative community for free-expression and to grow as an artist/writer.

– Kelly Morgan

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