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Improvisational Writing Groups





 Free your writing by freeing yourself. And vice versa. 

Recover, discover and re-discover yourself through writing and create a fresh, new body of work. 

In an Improvisational Writing Group, increase your confidence and writing skills. Every week, with the support of your live, intimate group and an experienced facilitator, release procrastination, perfectionism, page-fright and other blocks as you write, write, write.

The amazing tools of improvisation adapted for writers gives you a set of tools to recover the creative powers you had as a child (or what we call your Artist’s Brain). These powers give you permission to experiment, play games, take risks, learn quickly, be spontaneous, expressive, honest and insightful. 

This creative path for beginning or seasoned writers makes it safe to share your personal stories for your own enjoyment, or to enlighten, educate or entertain readers/ audiences. Create a fresh, new body of work. 

Improvisational Writing and Storytelling is a life-long gift for you to live your best life and become a more impactful writer of fiction and non-fiction.

Fall in love with your creative writing process and yourself again — or for the first time. 

artist's way book

 Free Your Creativity & Overcome Page-Fright


Connect Your Heart & Mind By Writing Stories

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Write, Re-Write, Create Your Best Work

Do your morning pages. Get the most out of this practice Sign up for FREE Morning Page Magic Video Class with 5- Day Challenge. Coming January 2022.  

Learn Expressive Writing.  Change your life by writing your personal stories with your feelings, your thoughts, and your ideas. 

Workshop Your Writing Increase your  impact with readers & audiences. Learn how your work enlightens, educates, and entertains others.   

student Nancy

Follow the smell of ink.

Allow the vibration of your pen to calm your nervous system.

Enjoy your connection to the words, scenes and insights as they rise to the surface.

Your new relationship to your personal stories has you jumping out of bed, eager to write.


See yourself spin your stories into gold.

Is the improvisational writing group right for you? 

Page-fright is the fear of revealing yourself. Like an actor who fears going on-stage and looking foolish, your Lizard Brain needs to control how others see you.

Page-fright warns you to be careful about sharing your personal stories. What if others judge you harshly? What if people don’t like you or disagree? What if they cancel you? It’s a risk you take when you reveal your truth. And your truth is what spins your stories into gold. 

Find out if page-fright is behind your writing struggles. Do you:

Do you talk, read, watch videos about writing but don’t write?

Do you wonder if your writing will ever be good enough to meet your current aspirations?

Do you wonder why anyone would care about what you have to say?

.Are you afraid to read your writing out loud to strangers?

Do you believe people other than your mother will be bored by your writing?

Are you writing what you’ve dreamed of writing?

Do you edit while writing your first drafts?

Do you write the beginning over and over before finishing the first draft?

Do you ever notice you want to control how others see you?

Are you too busy taking care of kids, spouse, clients to take care of your own need to write?

Do you get anxious about publishing, money, or fame instead of actually writing?

Do you ever wish there was a way to make your writing more entertaining, engaging or inspiring?

Lately, you’d rather spend your free time blow-drying your hair rather than write?

If you answer yes to two or more questions above, check the Winter/Spring Schedule of upcoming Improvisational Writing Workshops with Tom, Rusti and Kelly. 

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” — Amy Poehler

Be Seen
students dawn and ruth

Find Your Group of People to Grow Your Writing. And Vice Versa.

Students Ann
students Lorna Mary Debra

I will be forever grateful to Kelly for the classes which made my book possible. She helped me to wander, to get lost, to take myself by surprise.

Tom Fields-Meyer

Author and National Jewish Book Award Finalist

Kelly’s Improvisational Writing Workshop is different. It sparks a creative mindset and focuses my writing. It gets me to the heart and truth. Lately, I’m using our writing time together to create scenes for my memoir project.

Pam Suchman

Journalist, Television Writer

Kelly started me on my writing journey. She is direct and soft at the same time. This allows me to go to the feeling words, to go deep inside myself. This played a role in transforming intimate relationships.

Lorna Murray Doonum

Mother and Poet

Kelly turns writing into an adventure. She’s helping me shape my experiences while writing the Route 66 books into a great memoir. We also wrote stories into a speech I gave at the Gene Autry museum. It got a standing ovation.

Russ Olsen

Author and Speaker

My Mission

To connect you to an inspiring creative community for free-expression where you can tap into your higher creativity and live your best life as an artist or writer.

– Kelly Morgan

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