Improvisational Writing For Seekers in All Walks of Life



Imagine your writing/art/life thriving. 

  • Recover the wonder, spontaneity, liveliness, curiosity, intuition & playfulness you had as a child.

  • Release your doubts, paralyzing perfectionism and personal demons just — vanished and you always wrote with 100% confidence. 

  • Surprise yourself by forgetting to eat dinner because you’re having too much fun writing.

  • Express what you love and believe in most.

  • Feel well-being, the joy of discovery.

  • Write a darn good story — that enlightens, educates or entertains those who want to reach out and touch?

Deep Dive Creativity & Writing Coach, Kelly Morgan is a Journalist, dancer, performance poet, teacher and business owner who has walked the road less traveled to a life filled with deep satisfaction and more peace. 

For 25 years, Kelly inspired and guided thousands in recovering their creativity from mind-numbing jobs, burn-out, anxiety, frustration and whatever else keeps them stuck in their art and their lives.  

Kelly also hosts other instructors and facilitators who have the same lively, open-mindset approach to writing. See Workshops Page.





Wouldn’t it be nice to…

Write consistently. No matter how busy or what you feel like — access the state of flow, even during “tricky” phases of your creative process.

Wouldn’t it be nice to…

Trade in your worrying, word tinkering and brain freezes for playfulness, collaboration and an encouraging creative community where it’s safe to “rock and roll” your writing (even the tender stuff).

Wouldn’t it be nice to…

Travel the shortest distance from blank page to a completed story that connects, entertains or enlightens your readers.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of beginning and experienced writers over the years. With a creative community it’s easier to write consistently. Your writing and storytelling improves. Confidence, productivity and creativity flourish. Small groups are an environment where you and your writing can grow.