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For aspiring & seasoned writers who want to write but keep putting it off — creative tools to have serious fun with writing.


Fall in love with writing — again, or for the first time. Introduction to Improvisational Writing

Imagine, this summer . . .

You wake up eager to write, full of fire, the wonder of it all! 

You can’t wait to read your rough drafts to other writers.

You relax, collaborate, play, experiment, laugh and write your stories.

 You look up at the clock and wonder how time flies when you’re having fun. 

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 Love Starts In Your Brain.  

The creative tools of improvisational writing help you fall in love with writing again, or for the very first time. They flood your body with the feel-good chemicals and as they flow, your writing flows. Your heart might race. 

In the introduction to improvisation workshop, discover how to use both the right and left sides of your brain to write with passion, and release anxiety.

Whether it’s your first time writing, or you’ve been writing so long, you forgot why you started writing in the first place — 


Turn writing time into a virtual honeymoon on the creativity planet. 


I’m Going To Make It So Much Easier for You To Write.


Hi, I’m Kelly.

Sometimes it’s hard to get your butt in the chair and write. Me too.

As a writer, poet, performance artist, and teacher who has taught creativity and writing workshops for over 25 years, I developed improvisational tools to help you look forward to writing.

Writing doesn’t have to feel like a 2nd job. I’ll show you how to jump over perfectionism, excessive self-criticism and other hurdles to have some serious playtime writing better, more authentic, heartfelt drafts.


Julia Cameron, International Best-Selling Author of The Artist's Way

“You couldn’t find a more sure-footed or inspiring guide than Kelly Morgan.”

Just Say Yes

In the Retreat, You’ll Discover:*

  • The #1 thing you need to know for writing magic to happen.
  • How to breakthrough self-sabotage caused by write-fright.
  • How to write regardless of what others think.  
  • How to use the inner Critic as a compass – even if it tries to kill you.
  • How to create livelier, more engaging drafts now and forever. 
  • Three Constraints to increase your creativity and productivity.
  • How to write your stories with a quick, easy 3-step formula.
  • How to work well with others and create a better body of work.
  • Have fun! (OPTIONAL)

*Improvisation for Writers is NOT about being funny or getting on stage and performing.  It’s about collaboration, playfulness, imagination, giving yourself permission and receiving generative feedback.  


Here’s How The Writing Retreat Unfolds . . .

Morning Session: Tap Into Your Creativity Zone

  • Discover what kind of write fright is hiding behind your procrastination.
  • Learn how to use the Creative Writing Map to stop struggling and tap into writing flow.
  • Find out how to safely collaborate with creative buddies to generate confidence and creativity.
  • Create short but memorable word pictures worth more than a 1000 words to readers.
  • The most important improvisation tool to free your writing (and why that’s important!)
  • My Pull-Focus Formula for breaking through inner write fright behaviors and your Critic.

Break and Discussion.

Afternoon: Writing From Both Sides of Your Brain

  • How to set up a story triangle to guide your writing.
  • My magical creative formula for tapping into your imagination, senses and emotions on demand.
  • The easy way to create characters that are emotionally engaging, entertaining or inspirational.
  • My ‘Simple Secret’ that makes writing easier and more fun for ever after.
  • A Review of the 4 improvisational writing tools (plus a few playful tricks) to fall in love with the creative process of writing.

Are you an Aspiring or Seasoned Writer Who Wants To Write More, But It Isn’t Happening? 


A 1-Day Live, Online Writing Retreat with Kelly Morgan

Saturday, June 4th, 2022  

Pacific Time: 10:30 AM 12:30 PM / LUNCH / 1:30 to 3:30 PM

Eastern Time 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM / BREAK / 4:30 to 7:30 

Regular Price $197.00 

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What Others Are Saying About Kelly’s Improvisation For Writers Workshops. 

“Kelly started me on my writing journey. She is direct and soft at the same time. This allowed me to go to the feeling words, to go deep inside with my writing. That’s played a role in me transforming my intimate relationships.” Lorna Murray Doonum, Mother and Poet

“Kelly’s improvisational writing workshop is different than other classes. It sparks a creative mindset and challenges me to learn new storytelling skills. Her weekly prompts focus my writing. They get me to the heart and truth of a piece. Sometimes I use the class time to process what’s going on in my life. More often lately, I’m creating scenes I can cut and paste into my memoir project. Pam Suchman, Journalist and Television Writer

“Every single week Kelly created a safe place for deep authenticity and vulnerability for every single person in the group. I expressed myself fully, more than I’d ever done in my writing before. By the end of the course, I knew I could have more fun writing better! I feel very strongly, this course with Kelly is a gift everyone should give themselves and others.” Kim Carpenter, Small Business Owner, Executive Coach, Marketing Strategist

“After years of futile attempts, I started composing flowing melodies, doing auto-biographical writing (despite being afraid to) and gave myself ‘permission’ to finish a large body of unrecorded songs.

Thanks to Kelly for being so good at what she does. Her classes were a rich arena for making new friends. At my age and level of cynicism, to have such open and honest exchanges with such a bright-eyed, young and hopeful group recharged my batteries.Terry Kirkman, Songwriter for The Association, Singer

Online Improvisational Writing Workshop is not a bunch of videos!

Live. Interactive. Creative Retreat. Safe. On Zoom

+ BONUS #1

A half hour private session with Kelly. ($200.00 Value)


+ 1974.00 Value


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