Is there a gap in your life — between the life you’re currently living and life you want to be living?

Watch this video to find out how writing morning pages closes the gap.


Write morning pages to align. They’re a spiritual chiropractic! 

Hi, I’m Kelly Morgan.

Now I’m a writer, poet and writing coach, but once instead of being an artist myself, I sold the creative services of artists and writers. “You’re the creative one, not me,” I told the artists.

Julia Cameron, author of the best-selling book The Artist’s Way. A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity diagnosed me as someone who was out of alignment with my who I was. A shadow artist. She prescribed I write morning pages. (I had also stopped drinking, so I was processing a lot of feelings.) Thank goodness!

Writing morning pages led to me writing and performing poetry — and for the next 20 years I facilitated thousands in writing their morning pages. 

Align yourself. Write your morning pages —  discover who you are, mourn your losses, set off in new directions in your writing, career and relationships.


Over the 25 years I taught The Artist’s Way and Improvisational Writing Workshops, thousands told me: “Writing morning pages was one of the best things they ever did for themselves!” 

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