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Fall in love with writing. Write More. Increase Confidence, Productivity & Creativity. Express Yourself with More Ease, Authenticity and Joy.

Orientation, October 19 | 12 Interactive Online Monday Sessions October 26 – February 1   5:00 PM PT – 7:15 PM

You say you want to write, but . . .

“You feel stuck.”

“You’re worried your writing is not good enough.”

“You’re afraid what you have to say isn’t important.”

“You don’t know what to write about.”

“You’re fearful your second book won’t be as good as your first.”


a way to transform what happens to us in our own experience . . . to move from passive to active.”

– Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way

Open up to a big, juicy, creative life — one filled with imagination, play, and intuition.

On the other side of procrastination is big magic!

What if writing turned into something you can’t wait to do? Imagine . . . 

You jump out of bed, eager to write. Sure, you struggle, but challenges stimulate your creativity.

Your writing flows. You surprise yourself. Words come from somewhere else.

You look up at the clock now — hours have passed like minutes!

You have new confidence in your writing. Yahoo! You feel strong and alert! What joy!

You catch yourself daydreaming, singing in the rain, swimming with the dolphins — falling in love with your life.


Artist’s Way Circle 

“Fascinating . . . I really love this . . . Three times in the last decade I’ve committed to doing The Artist’s Way’s program, and each time I’ve learned something important and surprising about myself and my work . . . without the Artist’s Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Author

A practical, spiritual, nurturing book . . . I feel this is a special book and I wish I’d found it sooner. 

– Russell Brand, Comedian, Writer

 Kelly & The Artist’s Way Circle For Writing 

Kelly has led thousands on this journey. “She Lights Up Your Path so You Can See Where You’re Going.”

 Dramatically increase your confidence, productivity and creativity.  Free your writing from perfectionism and fall in love with writing again … or for the first time.  

About Kelly Morgan, journalist, poet, performance artist, blogger, teacher and writing coach. She’s facilitated Artist’s Way Workshops for 25 years in Hollywood, Taos, Vancouver, Chicago and now on Zoom.

“You couldn’t find a more sure-footed or inspiring guide than Kelly Morgan.” Julia Cameron.

Fall in love with your big, juicy creative life again, or for the first time.

Don’t wake up at age 85 wondering why you never lived your big, juicy, creative writing life.

Procrastination is not laziness, it’s fear.

Don’t wait months or years to express yourself. Write more now! Live your big, juicy creative life despite outside circumstances.

Together let’s do this!!!

Who should do this?

Are you stuck? Feeling frustrated? Not writing what really matters? Even if you’ve done The Artist’s Way before — by yourself, or with a group —  it’s a new time on your path.

You’ve grown, experienced things you never believed possible. 

Let go of the stress and fear of the past year. Embrace your creativity and write more … again, or for the first time.


Is this only for writers and wanna-be writers? No! 


All kinds of people — actors, musicians, visual artist’s, scientists, accountants, waitresses, high school or those with many degrees, the introverted and the extraverted, young — people in all walks of life — benefit from writing more.  




What Julia Cameron, author of  The Artist’s Way Said About Kelly Morgan

“You couldn’t find a more sure-footed or inspiring guide than Kelly.”

What Others People Say 

“After years of futile attempts, I composed flowing melodies, auto-biographical writing. Despite being afraid, I gave myself “permission” to finish a large body of unrecorded songs. At my age and cynicism, to have such open, honest exchanges with a bright-eyed group recharged my batteries.”

Terry Kirkman, Singer Songwriter,
The Associations, Therapist

“Kelly Morgan is an inspired teacher. What I learned from her stayed in my heart and had a profound effect on my life. She helped me shift the energy during an acrimonious divorce, turned us into the best of friends. I recommend her programs to everyone.” 

Serena Scott Thomas, Actress, Business Owner 


 “I was stuck!!!! For the first time in a few years I started writing again.”

Cheryl Jenkins, Business Owner

“Two new CDs. Four standing gigs a week. More radio airplay. As a result of The Artist’s Way, Kelly’s other classes and personal coaching, my creative direction evolved beyond wishing for it.”

Louis Durra, Writer, Composer

Kelly is an amazing teacher. She uncovered my hidden talent for writing. We unblocked me so I could begin calling myself a writer/ artist/storyteller. In all the years since, I credit my creative output with Kelly Morgan and The Artist’s Way.”

Sidhone Keodara, Founder of Asian Entertainment

“I know the book for The Artist’s Way is set up so I could do it on my own, but creative blockage being what it is, that often failed. Being in a group really helped.”

Eleanor White, Writer

Here’s what is included in your
Artist’s Way Workshop Package:

Orientation Call

12 Live Intimate Zoom Calls

Group Coaching  

Interaction with Other Writers 

Private Facebook Page

Posted Assignments & Class Recordings.


25 Minute Coaching Session with Kelly.

Orientation Plus 12 Weeks 

October 19 | Ends FEBRUARY 1 

5:00 pm – 7:15 PM PT / 8 – 10:15 PM ET

Pay $399 & Save a $100.00

Don’t Hold Back . . .
. . . Recover your creativity,
and grow, grow, grow!




OF OVER $100

All prices are listed in USD






All prices are listed in USD

Cancellation Policy:

All sales are final and there are no refunds. Credit may be offered based on class availability. If you can’t come to class, call or email us as far in advance as possible. We will do everything we can to fill your spot and give you  a credit, but we can’t make any guarantees.

“No Matter What Your Age or Your Life Path . . .

. . . it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity.”

– Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way

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