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Introduction to Improvisational Writing With Kelly Morgan

When you bring the four basic creative tools of improvisational writing into your practice, you’ll experience what it’s like to turn your creativity on full fire — to realize what athletes and performers call the “white moment” or “flow” writing. 

In flow, time passes quickly. You loose yourself in the moment, and focus on the task at hand. It’s the place of ‘no-mind’ where it’s possible to tap into the higher creativity of the universal mind. 

The collaborative improvisational writing group process results in more vibrant writing voice  a more vibrant writing life.  

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The Reluctant Rewriter With Rusti L Lehay

Does rewriting SUCK? Maybe you haven’t learned how to self-edit yet. But rewriting/editing is how you become a published writer. 

These days, you can’t rely on a publisher to edit your work. A free-lance editor is expensive (and may not work with you unless you have completed book-length manuscript.)

BUT, that’s where the small group format works well. With Rusti as your coach and a supportive peer group as your extra set of  the eyes, the revision process (as frustrating as it can be) becomes a juicy, motivating part of your creative writing process. She’s helped hundreds of writers revise their essays, memoirs, short-stories, blog post and articles .

In this small group, learn the creative tools, share your writing and  improve quickly.   

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