For Aspiring & Experienced Writers Who Want to Write More. 

Say Yes & Write!


The Creative Tools of Improvisation Electrify Your Writing, Free You To Tell the Stories You Were Born to Tell — And Tell Them Well. 

You Don’t Have to Go On Stage. Or Be Funny. Proven Improv Tools Get You in Your Creativity Zone.

Are you wrestling with your writing?

Maybe you’re a bit of a perfectionist. You want to let go. Be uninhibited. Let the real you come out of hiding. Get things written. Gain confidence in your ability to engage, entertain or energize others with good writing and well-told stories.

If only you could stop thinking so much.  Have more fun. Write more.  

And when it comes to writing about your personal life, it’s more challenging.

I understand. Writing has made me feel like I’m caught sleepwalking while naked. And all that yackety, yack critical stuff in my head. It’s fierce. Always opposing me.

With The Creative Tools of Improvisation (I Adapted Them For Us Writers), You Will: 

  • get out of your comfort zone and into your creativity zone.
  • be part of a safe, nurturing community.
  • follow the pied piper to your intuitive guidance.
  • show (not tell) a whopping good story.
  • slip off the handcuffs of perfectionism, self-criticism and fear, and free yourself to write with abandon.
  • take control of your creative process.
  • produce purposeful messages and stories.
  • build rich, multi-dimensional characters.
  • write powerful dialog and page turning scenes.
  • create stories that have an emotional impact
  • experience greater satisfaction with your writing than ever before. (Oh, and have fun!)

Let’s Work Together to Turn On Your Creativity, Electrify Your Writing and Light Up The World With Your Stories.   


Are you feeling stuck? Don’t know what to write? Or you know you want to write a memoir, self-help book, novel, speech, webinar or website — but you’re not writing. Let’s meet in the online Inspired Writing Room and do an  Assessment. By the time we finish, you’ll have discovered what you feel most passionate about, determine what actions to take next and how to do so. Together, we discover what motivates, inspires and drives you, then determine how to make that happen.

Contact Me to Sign Up For the  Complimentary 35-Minute Writer Assessment


In this 3-hour one-on-one session, you and me (or another writing coach or editor) roll up your sleeves, dig through your ideas and desires. Identify a theme, develop a synopsis and a writing plan that’s in alignment with your purpose. Develop a step-by-step production schedule for finishing your book, screenplay, speech or another project. 

Contact Me to Sign Up For This Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Jumpstart Workshop


Find your writing midwife, story development editor, cheerleader, ghost writer, writing coach to help you finish writing your book, blog posts and more, I light the way for you to create a book, memoir, screenplay, speech, blog or something else. Stay focused on your story or message  — and spend more time writing and less time rewriting. During every session, breathe life into characters, spice up dialog and increase clarity.  Together we develop a darn good story — the kind that makes your book a page-turner. 

Yes, I’m Ready to Light the World on Fire with my Stories or Message. Let’s start.


Free the stories you were born to tell — and tell them well. Dramatically increase confidence, productivity and your love for writing by participating in cooperative, experiential workshops. With the proven creative tools of Improvisational Writing, recover your vital creative energy from perfectionism, excessive self-criticism, doubts and fears to write as never before. Every week, collaborate in a safe, supportive place. Create fresh, new work. Have fun.

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